Nicolas Bonnotte

Senior Back-End Dev  •  PhD, MBA French  •  Born on June 21, 1986  •  PhD, MBA


Senior Back-End Dev

BackMarket  •  Paris  •  November 2019 – Present

BackMarket is a e-commerce platform for refurbished products.


Algo/Data Team Leader

Homly You  •  Paris  •  June 2016 – October 2018

Homly You, a Saint-Gobain subsidiary, offers you serenity when remodeling your home. At first Data Engineer, I was promoted a year later, and now work on:

  • Building data-driven solutions, in close interaction with the end-users
  • Setting up data environments, with Jupyter, PostgreSQL, Superset
  • Business automation, continuous integration
  • Management of 4 people, working with 3 data scientists


Qucit • Bordeaux  •  November 2014 – February 2016 Nov. 2014 – Feb. 2016

Qucit is a start-up specialized in urban-mobility predictive analyse, with no VC-funding at the time. With 4 tech people, I worked on:

  • Data management and processing
  • Scientific and technical communications, articles, blog posts

Assistant project manager

Réseau ferré de France  • Paris  • 
January – October 2014

Working on the supervision of the building of new high-speed rail lines in the framework of public-private partnerships. No computer programming involved.



Data management

  • Python: pandas, numpy/scipy, sklearn
  • Jupyter (hub and notebooks)
  • Superset
  • PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis


  • Python: django, jinja2, celery
  • Apache, upgrading towards Nginx
  • HTML, CSS, and enough javascriptJS to create simple, elegant, responsive websites

DevOps, Continuous integration

  • Python testing, pytest
  • Git flow, GitHub, GitLab, Jenkins
  • Debian, Ubuntu, Arch, CentOs
  • Docker, Docker Compose


  • French: native
  • English: fluent
  • Italian ♥
  • Python ♥



Collège des Ingénieurs  •  Paris  •  2014

The Collège des Ingénieurs MBA is a 10-month program specifically designed for people with a scientific background, financed by private companies.

Treasurer of the students' association.


PhD in mathematics

Université Paris-Sud, Scuola Normale Superiore  •  Paris and Pisa Univ. Paris-Sud, SNS Pisa  •  2010 – 2013

Thesis on Optimal Transport: How to deliver some goods while minimizing the cost? I developed a new method for computing the solution.

Article published in 2013 in SIAM J. Math. Anal. (single-author paper)

Double degree France/Italy, under the joint supervision of Prof. Filippo Santambrogio and Prof. Luigi Ambrosio. Grant from the French-Italian University.


Licence, Master, Agrégation

École normale supérieure, partner universities ENS Paris, partner unis  •  Paris  •  2007 – 2011

4-year scholarship to study mathematics (élève normalien)

Agrégation passed in 2009, ranked 32nd

Volunteer at the students' IT Help Desk (les Tuteurs)